The Brief

This client approached us through one of our interior design partners, The project was a gorgeous Grade II listed Georgian Vicarage. The client wanted to extend the property footprint and for us to help assist in providing a full house AV distribution system with a comprehensive lighting system. The brief from the client was “We want a system where we don’t see any cables, we don’t see any equipment and we can control everything at the touch of a button.”

The Proposal

We worked closely with the clients’ architects from the initial drawing stage to ensure a perfect cable infrastructure running throughout the property that would service an AV distribution system, security and gate access plus a detailed lighting system. We produced a solution that provided all from a dedicated basement hub.

The Technology

The client was not an audio or movie enthusiast upon first meeting, but after visiting our showroom he was able to pick up one of our ‘6X touch screens’ or use the roaming iPad to select music or a movie in our cinema. He was able to do it with such ease that he wanted us to achieve similar results in his own home. We were asked to hide TV screens within furniture and disguise them as mirrors in some of the rooms. Crestron iPod in-wall docking stations and a couple of TPS-6Ls were strategically placed around the property and the leisure suite, as the clients had most of their music on their phones and needed absolute control throughout.

The Installation

We built and programmed the system at our head office prior to installation, which meant the clients could visit and make any changes to the user interface that they saw fit, thus providing a truly bespoke system. They wanted a system where they could walk around the house and select music from an assortment of sources in various rooms and control or view the CCTV and gate access from home or remotely. Lighting was important to the property and was driven strongly by the interior designers. We provided a system that would benefit much of the feature lighting around the property internally and externally.

The Challenges

It all had to be easy to use, with simple access of the systems and control over the whole property at the touch of a button. It had to integrate with other services such as the gate access with full control over them and include the CCTV security system as part of the integration package. A very detailed lighting scheme from the interior designer was used and we had to programme the lighting control system to work with their proposal.

The Follow Up

Following up on the system at the six month service revealed that all elements of the security system performed well and that the client was delighted with the outcome and continued to enjoy the ease and functionality of the integrated control system.