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WiFi System Planning & Design

A WiFi system needs to work together as just that – a system – rather than a collection of standalone wireless access points. Intelligent WiFi systems offer numerous benefits and we have the experience to recommend the best solution for you. The key to WiFi is planning, therefore we assess your particular needs and the current problems that require solving. We have sophisticated software and hardware tools that allow us to scan your existing wireless environment for sources of interference, produce predictive heatmaps of signal coverage, and perform comprehensive site surveys to measure actual signal strength.

Warehousing & Logistics

Providing constant WiFi coverage in hostile RF (radio frequency) environments is a challenge we enjoy. RF environments such as warehouses, consisting of large open areas filled with metal racks, moving vehicles and changing stock levels, are certainly problematic. To provide consistent WiFi coverage in an ever-changing environment such as this, requires a flexible WiFi system that adapts itself to those changes. Improved WiFi connectivity means better application performance, leading to higher productivity, we can also incorporate location tracking technology in our systems.


By offering customers the ability to connect to your guest WiFi using social media log in, we can help build your Twitter / Facebook following with real customers. Comprehensive analytics can provide you with simple to use insights into customer footfall, time of day, periods spent in store etc. Location analytics can even provide tracking information as customers move through the store plus we can filter content to block the network environment from threat as the systems we install can immediately neutralise rogue devices automatically. Finally, our WiFi security systems can generate PCI compliance reports at the click of a button, without the need for that costly, periodic, physical site assessment.


From hotels to guesthouses, campsites and caravan parks, your guests increasingly rate WiFi as a determining factor in deciding where to stay. Whether you offer your WiFi for free, or at a charge, is up to you. Either way, we can help with simple to use guest access authentication and billing options. From a network security point of view, you need to ensure that guest network usage is isolated and that you remain PCI compliant to protect your guests’ card details as they pass through your network. We can offer Internet usage logging systems to capture and store session logs and activity logs for reference.


One of the biggest problems onboard today’s yachts is the relatively slow speed of VSAT Internet connections, exacerbated by the fact that both crew and guests expect the same levels of internet speed as they do on land. Internet traffic management is something we pride ourselves upon and we can make use of multiple Internet connection types concurrently. In addition we can prioritise groups of users over others, such as guests over crew. The security of devices is important and high profile individuals are likely to be targeted. Onboard systems must flag any threats to the network immediately. We can survey and report on the security of your current wired and wireless network, and if needed, recommend steps you could take to improve the situation. For example the moment a person leaves the yacht, their profile on the WiFi system can be deleted, preventing them from further access.


The ‘Internet of things’ refers to the increase of home devices that link to the world via WiFi, ranging from home appliances to thermostats and smoke detectors. There has also been huge growth in the number of WiFi tablets and smartphones, with wireless devices already outnumbering wired devices. Increasingly, the home network – wired and wireless – is a crucially important backbone of a property. We understand this, and take care to design our networks with performance, resilience, redundancy and security in mind, wherever possible. Remote diagnostics and support tools enable us to become aware of potential network problems as soon as they arise, and even fix them from wherever in the world our support team happen to be.

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What you have read so far is merely a snapshot of what we can offer and there is a whole lot more we would like you to know. So if you are interested in bringing fully integrated automation systems to your business, home or yacht, then get in touch. You know it makes sense.

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