The Brief

This was a large new build project for clients who had never owned any kind of AV or control system. Having had a full demonstration at our showroom, the clients could see the value and convenience of a whole house AV system, including a security and IT network. Their priority was lighting control and a comprehensive security system to provide protection for the perimeter of expansive grounds as well as intruder protection for the property. Originally the clients did not want either a cinema or AV distribution system because they could not envisage using them, however during discussions they began to realise the benefits of both and opted for them.

The Proposal

After a few separate consultations held at our showroom and head office, we decided we had a good understanding of the clients’ requirements. Following this, we created a first draft costing proposal and commenced discussions regarding recommended equipment and associated service charges. The agreed proposal was for a full-house lighting control system and a distributed AV system integrated with the security and CCTV system with iPads as a user control interface.

The Technology

Crestron was used as the main control and integration system on iPads with full roaming functionality. Utilising the Lutron lighting keypads to provide on/off and volume control allowed simple, easy to use controls in addition to the roaming iPads.

The Installation

The key to this project’s success was the design of a comprehensive cabling infrastructure that not only provided adequate support for the proposed systems but also for any future expansions and upgrades. Working closely with the developer, interior designer and other trades was vital as the project underwent numberous changes during the course of the build and the specification for the AV and security changed frequently. We worked with the lighting designer to ensure that the lighting control system achieved the desired effects throughout the property. The security system included door access control and automated gates with vehicle recognition, perimeter CCTV cameras and intruder protection. The multi-car garage was separate from the main property by some distance and as a result it was decided that a standalone system would be installed in this building.

The Challenges

The interiors of the property were a mix of styles and tastes from traditional to ultra-modern, therefore our systems had to blend with all areas as the clients did not want to feel as though they were surrounded by technology. To achieve this we liaised with the interior designer. Simple operation and reliability were also key requirements. Ceiling speakers were used extensively throughout the property due to the discreet nature of the installation and these were all colour coded with the surrounding décor, to suit the numerous polished plaster ceilings.