Oakmere Cinema


The Brief

The client is a professional sportsman and when he purchased the property, although it included an existing cinema, he was looking for something with greater impact. The client was recommended by colleagues to visit our showroom where he experienced our demonstration cinema system. The client was a very keen gamer and also enjoyed watching movies. During his downtime he tended to spend time at home and luxurious, comfortable surroundings were important to him. He had lots of his own ideas for how the interior had to look and feel. He wanted high-quality products but most important was the sound as he wanted “to feel the punch in his kidneys” from the audio.

The Proposal

Having carried out a detailed survey of the room, we designed a system with an anamorphic fixed-frame screen, providing the best quality for movies and games. The client had previously mentioned he hated seeing black bars on top of the screen on the existing projector. He really liked the idea of a widescreen picture like at the cinema. His main use for the room was gaming, watching movies and watching live and pre-recorded sporting events. He liked the idea of a dedicated cinema room and the installation had to be as discreet as possible with no speakers visible. To achieve a cinema effect whilst watching movies, he wanted the largest screen possible with lighting control and window treatments.

The Technology

Using a SIM2 projector and anamorphic lens, we were able to find the balance between performance and value for money. The audio system comprised Triad gold speaker 7.2 system with Anthem processing and amplification that ensured there was sufficient sound levels to impress the client. He was also an amateur DJ and the Triad speakers and multiple subwoofers meant that the room was able to reach high volumes without becoming overbearing. We used a Screen Research acoustically transparent screen with front speakers and subwoofers built-in and we located all the equipment for the system in cabinetry below to limit cable lengths. The Anthem surround processor allowed us to utilise its EQ presets – optimal sound quality wherever the client sat, front or back row.

The Installation

We worked on the interior of the room, replacing the light fixtures for more practical lighting for gaming and non-reflective fittings for movie viewing. Curtain tracks were automated so whenever the projector fired up they automatically closed. The client wanted a curved seating arrangement and couch but we couldn’t find anything suitable, so we designed it ourselves – sourcing the leather and working with an upholsterer to produce it.

The Challenges

Once the client had seen our showroom cinema he wanted one of his own in as little time as possible. With a tight deadline of family and friends arriving from abroad within a few weeks, the assigned Project Manager had to pull out all the stops to get equipment delivered ready for installation. Some of the equipment was custom built which can usually carry lengthy timeframes, but we factored this in.

The Follow Up

Having completed a similar project for one of his colleagues, the client said we had set expectations very high and his move to a club in Europe has since brought about another cinema project.

What our clients say about us

There is no other company I would prefer to work with – it’s not how you completed the job but how you dealt with any issue you came across and it’s those little details that set you apart as the best of the best”.

Private Client