Steve Cadman

Technical Director

Having originated from a love of music, my interest in Hi-Fi followed me through the latter years of high school and into my college years, which was where I also developed my passion and flair for design. Back in the mid 90’s I happened upon an opening within a local Hi-Fi store – here I felt I’d found my calling. I was quickly moved into a management role, which culminated in a rather substantial increase in the company’s custom installation business.

This didn’t go unnoticed by a local and much more established competitor who asked me to join his team in 2001, where I worked on some extremely high-end audio and multi-room systems throughout Europe. Five years later I joined Sensory, where the pull of a new challenge and the company’s passion and ambition to make the process and end product as simple and straightforward as possible was too much to resist. After working on several landmark projects in both the residential and marine sector, including two consecutive CEDIA award-winning projects for “Best Marine Installation”, I was asked to join the board of Directors – naturally I jumped at the chance.