NB 423 (74m)


The Brief

This is the second yacht project we have undertaken for this client and his Captain (the former being a 50m motor yacht which was completed in 2007). We were asked to provide a fully integrated lighting control system, an AV distribution system in high definition, an IT and data network system throughout the yacht, a full security CCTV system, VSAT & GSM communication systems, TVRO satellite TV and distribution across the yacht. A steward call system for communication via iPads and iPods were also requested. We were asked to provide global audio throughout the yacht for live performances, so that the grand piano in the main lounge could be heard throughout the vessel. There was a requirement for a permanent outdoor cinema system, in addition to the standard LCD and plasma displays. The main focus of the brief was to incorporate all of these elements into a control interface that was intuitive and easy to use.

The Proposal

Our proposal was simple: to give an existing client who was familiar with our standard of work and systems exactly what they required. Our security team provided a custom CCTV system featuring analytic cameras. The games room garnered special attention, as it was one of the most frequently used areas on the yacht. The external all weather permanent cinema with drop down screen and projector was designed with numerous projectors tested and surveyed before the final proposal. To get a better understanding of the system we were designing and to help sell the concept to the owner and Captain, our design team drew up some 3D renders that simulated what could be expected. This helped not only the owner and Captain to make a decision but it also aided our engineers and the shipyard during installation.

The Technology

The owner had requested that the onboard iPads and iPods should also be used as a means of communication for the waiting staff, in addition to their AV control functions. The games room featured dual large screens with independent video and audio source selection so that two different video sources could be watched independently and the audio could be selected from either of those video sources or any other. The permanent external cinema required a special projector so that it could be viewed during a hot sunny day or in the evening under the stars. A Projection Design projector was selected for use after different models were tested at our main facility in the UK. Consideration was taken when designing the projector housing; a special air-conditioned waterproof enclosure was designed to keep the projector and its bulb cool throughout the day and night. VSAT & GSM communications were also installed.

The Installation

Once the designs and the final drawings were completed, the entire AV system, including the integration of the security system, was built and preprogrammed at our main office prior to the installation (as shown above). As part of the protocol, we then invited the owner’s representatives, the Captain and shipyard technicians to visit and use the system for a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) sign off. The cable infrastructure had already been installed and tested onboard with complete accredited documentation.

The Challenges

We had to carry out a great deal of research and testing in the early stages to find cables that met the German boat builder’s unusually stringent fire safety criteria. Working towards a tight deadline alongside the interior fitters was not always easy but we anticipated added workload in the final stages of the project and increased the number of personnel on-site accordingly, enabling us to comfortably meet the deadline.

The Follow Up

We continue to provide global support and service for the owners, Captain and crew.