Project 55 (96m)


The Brief

The initial brief was for an onboard Audio & Visual distribution entertainment system which would allow the owners and their guests to browse and control high definition satellite channels, music and movies from a centralised storage collection. These audio video sources were to be available independently in all areas throughout the vessel, so that they could enjoy different video channels, music and movies simultaneously. A full lighting control system and blind window treatments were requested along with a fully integrated security system to include CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Detection and a mast mounted thermal imaging camera which would be integrated into the radar system.

The Proposal

This Vessel features a complete cable infrastructure covering every major cabin/area onboard. This infrastructure utilises CAT6/7, Coaxial, fibre, speaker, and proprietary communications cable, both to support the equipment and systems we were specifying, but also to support future system additions and upgrades if and when required, with additional, spare cabling installed to all areas. We had a lighting design specification from the interior designers; we chose a Lutron Control system based upon over 10 processors consisting of over 100+ circuits with DMX colour changing capabilities. Traxon LED video floor needed integrating with. AMX mios were specified as spare remotes with the main user interface being custom Ipads. The security system would feature CCTV coverage of the external areas as well as the main technical areas such as the engine and generator rooms. In addition, the CCTV access control would be used to provide lock down of all the external doors. Deck sensors would also be used to detect a person walking on board via the gangway and passerelle.

The Technology

The entertainment system itself consists of individual, standalone systems located in each cabin/area, which each have their own Kaleidescape player’s, audio video switching and amplification. The ability to view the distributed satellite receivers which communicate to a central server for access to content, equipment in each cabin operates as a standalone system. Even if the Kaleidescape connection was lost, a guest cabin would still be able to select and view other sources, or their own iPod. The IP Video distribution system has over 50+ television screens to control. In addition to the many TVs, the vessel also has a projection cinema system with a high end Sim2 projector and an amazing active Linn Audio 5.1 audio system. The Aft-deck has an awesome Martin Audio speaker system with external auxiliary points for external speakers that can be rolled out if there is a big party.

A fully integrated high performance PA system was needed for the swimming pool area as this has a variable height swimming pool which can be turned into a dance floor that has a Traxon LED video floor. This can be utilised for external areas and for party or vessel wide audio, with guests or crew able to set a single piece of music playing throughout the yacht. Marine grade cameras would be installed which use high grade 316L stainless steel and would be installed in the deck heads. These would be linked to encoder and streamed over the yachts IP network to a high performance Mirasys NVR. For the access control a network based system was used along with a custom piece of software to allow a graphical display of all the doors to be used so a user can easily lock/unlock the doors.

The Installation

A comprehensive system design was produced prior to installation, with efficient project delivery further supported by in-house rack building and thorough testing, all in advance of shipment to site. This process freed up valuable resources at the delivery stage, providing a refreshing flexibility when working with the client and other project partners.

The Challenges

During the 4 year build many design changes were made to the vessel which meant we had to make detailed changes to our own designs which could otherwise have affected the way the cable infrastructure was installed. Our Project Management team and marine engineers helped the transition of design differences. The lighting design has also undergone some changes which meant our programmers had to make off site amendments and some custom features for the owner.

The Follow Up

We continue to provide global support and service to the vessel.